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Violation Type

Rejects Valid E. mail

Violation InstanceViolator
Microsoft Freemail Services/EMAILREJECTMicrosoft Freemail Services

An e. mail provider rejects or bounces technically valid e. mail for policy reasons, thereby attempting to essentially coerce e. mail senders into complying with their policy.

An e. mail is deemed as having been rejected for policy reasons if there is no valid technical reason why the e. mail should be rejected (e.g. mailbox does not exist, quota exceeded, message is malformed such that it is unroutable).

Using policy to classify e. mail as "spam" is acceptable so long as it is accessible to the user.

An e. mail provider does not commit EMAILREJECT if they reject or bounce mail only for reasons in the following set of reasons:

  • The domain provides an SPF policy, and processing a received message resulted in hardfail.
  • The domain provides asserts that all mail it originates should be DKIM signed (e.g. via ADSP or DMARC) and a received message is not DKIM signed.

The following practices, amongst others, are not exceptions:

  • Requiring RDNS
  • Discriminating against dynamic or "residential" addresses[1]
  • IP/domain "reputation"
  • IP/domain blacklists

The underlying principle here is that mail must only be rejected in accordance with a policy expressed by the originating domain.

  1. MXes must have static IPs to receive mail, however there is no requirement that MTAs responsible for sending mail for a domain be the same as those responsible for receiving mail, and indeed this is often not the case. There is therefore no valid technical reason for rejecting mail from dynamic or "residential" addresses.