Violation Type:Discrimination Against Modified Operating Systems

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Violation Type

Discrimination Against Modified Operating Systems

Violation InstanceViolator
Google Play Store/ODISCOSGoogle Play Store

This is a sister violation type to Violation Type:OSIGNOS.

It is applicable where a device, or some piece of software (including third party software sourced separately) attempts to detect modification of an operating system (or other aspect of its execution environment), and, when such modification is detected, disables some or all functionality of the software.

It is also applicable where the same restrictions are met via contract terms rather than via technical measures.

For example, if a piece of software is designed not to function, or to have reduced functionality on a "jailbroken" or "rooted" smartphone, this piece of software commits ODISCOS. If a EULA (see Violation Type:EULA) supposedly applicable to use of the software prohibits use of the software on such devices, the software commits ODISCOS.

This violation type may also be committed by a service, if that service has an attached contractual clause, or published policy, of prohibiting, terminating, restricting or otherwise penalising use of the service from such devices. For example, a bank may state that its online services may not be accessed from a "jailbroken" or "rooted" smartphone. Such an entity commits ODISCOS.