Violation Type:Outgoing Port 25 Blocking

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Violation Type

Outgoing Port 25 Blocking

Violation InstanceViolator
BT Broadband/NPORTOUT25BT Broadband
Google Compute Engine/NPORTOUT25Google Compute Engine

See NPORTOUT. Blocking of port TCP/25 outgoing is particularly common as an anti-spam measure. Nonetheless, this is a net neutrality violation.

The blocking of port 25 outgoing is interesting as it is a case of the IETF being apparently complicit in an initiative the sole utility of which is to facilitate net neutrality violations: the introduction of port 587 as the SUBMISSION port has essentially zero utility but to facilitate discrimination between MTA-to-MTA communciations and MSA-to-MTA communications, and thereby make the blocking of port 25 outgoing for certain classes of internet connections palatable.