Violation Type:ISP Remit Violation

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Violation Type

ISP Remit Violation

Violation InstanceViolator
Comcast Internet Service/NLREMIT-NHIJACKComcast Internet Service
Cox Internet Service/NLREMIT-NHIJACKCox Internet Service
Cricket Wireless (Mobile Internet Service)/NLREMIT-NHIJACKCricket Wireless (Mobile Internet Service)
T-Mobile Internet Service/V2T-Mobile Internet Service
TalkTalk Internet Service/NLREMIT-TVTalkTalk Internet Service
Verizon Wireless Internet Service/NLREMIT-NHIJACKVerizon Wireless Internet Service
Virgin Media Internet Service/NLREMITVirgin Media Internet Service

The legitimate remit of an ISP is to provide routing of IP packets. Any mode of packet data processing by an ISP that directly or indirectly acknowledges the existence of any Layer 4 or higher protocol or other protocol contained in an IP payload constitutes a remit violation, insofar that it causes the ISP to exceed its legitimate remit and demarcation in packet processing.