Freeview HD receivers

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Freeview HD receivers

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Violation Type Summary
Freeview HD receivers/BBC-DRM DRM Imposition of DRM for HD DVR recordings
Freeview HD receivers/OSIGNFW OSIGNFW Contractual requirement for devices to resist user modification

"Freeview" is the consumer-friendly branding trademark for DVB-T terrestrial digital TV transmissions in the UK.

"Freeview HD" refers to HD DVB-T2 transmissions.

However, use of the "Freeview HD" trademark with regard to a given DVB-T2 receiver or DVR product carries with it an obligation, instituted by the organization administering the "Freeview HD" branding programme, to institute copy protection preventing the export of HD programmes recorded by DVRs. This is a prerequisite for permission to use the "Freeview HD" trademark. Since consumers search for products by this trademark, inability to use it penalizes a company in terms of its ability to market its products. Devices are also required to "resist end-user modification", which is likely to result in compliant devices committing OSIGNFW.

To enforce compliance, the BBC arranged to compress DVB-T2 service information (EPG) data with a custom compression table only disclosed by agreement. However, MythTV supports these tables.