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Abbr. Title
ACQUIRED Acquired Organization
ADWARE Installs Adware
ALLYOURCODE Pervasive Copyright Assignment Clause
ANTITRUST Antitrust Violation
ARBITRATION Binding Arbitration Clause
ASHORTCUT Installs Advertising Shortcuts
ATOOLBAR Installs Browser Toolbar
BADASPECT 16:9 Monitor
BCRAPWARE Bundled Crapware
BQD Build Quality Deterioration
BRANDSELL Brand Bait and Switch
BUGMENOT Mandatory Free Registration To View Content
COPYPROT Copy Protection
DMCA512 DMCA512 Abuse
DNSREMIT Domain Name Registrar Remit Violation
DRMREQ Mandatory DRM
EMAILDROP Silently Drops E. mail
EMAILREJECT Rejects Valid E. mail
ENCLAVE Secure Enclave with Remote Attestation
EQUITYMILK Acquire and Milk
EQUITYMILK2 Acquire and Milk (Phase 2)
EULAOWN EULA Content Ownership Clause
EULARE EULA Reverse Engineering Prohibition Clause
EURION Watermark-Predicated Mutiny (Currency)
FAKEREDIRECT Nonsemantic Redirection
FIXED Position: fixed Abuse
FSALE False Sale
GPLV GPL Violation
INCOMP Utter Incompetence
INSWDIST Recklessly Insecure Software Distribution
INVESTOR Organization With Significant Investor Equity
ISPCGN Carrier-Grade NAT
KILLSWITCH Remote Killswitch
KSLEND Remote Killswitch (Loan Enforcement)
LCIND Criminal Indirectionalism
LCONSTV Violation of Constitution
LESSRINSE Use of Inadequate Water for Rinsing
LIEVEST Lying to Investors
LJUR Superjurisdictionism
LNDEMO Democratic Incompatibility
LNVICTIM Victimless Crime
LOUDER Reduced Dynamic Range
LREMIT Overbroadness Enabling Remit Violation
LREMITD Remit Violation Demonstrated In Practice
LSPEECH Infringement of Freedom of Speech
MOTHER Misrepresentation
MPRICE Misrepresentation of Price
NATHROTTLE Application-Specific Throttling
NCENSOR ISP Censorship
NDMCA Incorrect Application of DMCA as ISP
NFAKESPD ISP Speed Test Misrepresentation
NINETNEG Selective Interconnect Neglect
NLREMIT ISP Remit Violation
NOCANCEL Business Attempts to Resist Service Cancellation
NONCOMPETE Non-Compete Clause
NOSCRIPT Website Does Not Work Without JavaScript Without Good Reason
NOSKIPAD Unskippable Adverts
NPORTIN Incoming Port Blocking
NPORTOUT Outgoing Port Blocking
NPORTOUT25 Outgoing Port 25 Blocking
NSERVER Contractual Prohibition of Servers
NTPROXY Transparent Proxying
NUNDOC Failure to Document Net Neutrality Posture
NXDOMAIN NXDOMAIN Hijacking (1st Degree)
NXDOMAIN2 NXDOMAIN Hijacking (2nd Degree)
OBSCLOCK Drop-Dead Counter
OBSCLOCKINK Ink Level Drop-Dead Counter
OBSLIFE Lifespan Shortening
OBSREFILL Refill Mitigation
OBSYSREQ Bogus System Requirements
OCALLBEEP Mandatory Call Recording Beep
OCLOCK Mobile Phone Carrier Locking
OCOMPAT Anti-Compatibility
OCOUPNET Tight Coupling to Online Service
ODISCOS Discrimination Against Modified Operating Systems
OEXPS Expiring Software
OFAU Forced Autoupdate
OHANDICAP Handicapping
OLCARRIER General Disloyalty in favour of Mobile Phone Carrier
OLDCRYPTO Use Of Dangerously Outdated Cryptography
OLGOV General Disloyalty in favour of Government
OLMAN General Disloyalty in favour of Manufacturer
OLOYAL General Disloyalty
OPRODACT Product Activation
OREGION Region Coding
OREMOVE Capability of Remote Removal of Applications or Content
ORESALEDRM Attempt to Inhibit Resale by Technical Measures
OSELLSUE Attempt to Inhibit Resale by Legal Beligerence
OSERVMON Attempt To Maintain A Monopoly On Servicing
OSHUTTER Mandatory Shutter Sound
OSIGNAPP Restrictive Code Signing of Applications
OSIGNDRV Restrictive Code Signing of Drivers
OSIGNEXT Restrictive Code Signing of Plugins or Extensions
OSIGNFW Restrictive Code Signing of Firmware
OSIGNOS Restrictive Code Signing of Operating Systems
OSSCOI Commercial Conflict of Interest in Stewardship
OSSLOW Habitually Slow Compliance with Open Source Licences
OSSLV Open Source Licence Violation
OVCLOCK Attempt to Prevent Overclocking
OVLOCK Vendor Lock-In
OVLOCKDMCA Vendor Lock-In via DMCA Enforcement
OVLOCKEX Vendor Lock-In via Existing Interface
OWMARK Watermark-Predicated Mutiny
PSW Enforcement of Software Patents
PTROLL Patent Trolling
PUBOWN Publically Owned Organization
RATCHET Ratchet Clause
REVCTRL Coerced Reviewing
SHIJACK Software Connection Hijacking
SRPI Silent Reporting of Personal Information
TCE Transactional Coerced Endorsement
UBE Unsolicited Bulk E. mail
UI Failure to Comply with Platform UI Conventions
VIANDI Selling Products And Then Refusing To Provide Interface Documentation
WSMIN Failure To Comply With Statutory Warranty Minimums