Violation Type:Vendor Lock-In via Existing Interface

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Violation Type

Vendor Lock-In via Existing Interface

Violation InstanceViolator
Arista Networks Networking Equipment/V1Arista Networks Networking Equipment
Cisco Networking Equipment/V1Cisco Networking Equipment
Extreme Networks Networking Equipment/V1Extreme Networks Networking Equipment
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking Equipment/V1Hewlett Packard Enterprise Networking Equipment
Intel Ethernet Adapters/V1Intel Ethernet Adapters

A vendor exercises vendor lock-in by designing their products to operate only with their other products, when there is no valid technical reason for this requirement. In particular, this violation applies when the vendor implements an existing standard interface, and so there can be no doubt as to the intentions of the vendor.

For example, SFP/SFP+ modules in routers and switches; such hardware is often designed to take only those modules sold by the same vendor. This is without technical basis.