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Violation Type

Patent Trolling

Patent trolling describes the situation where a non-practicing entity (NPE) has a habit of acquiring and holding patents just so they can sue people for violation or make people pay them royalties.

The patent system was created with the intention of promoting science and the useful arts by offering monopolies for limited times for those who agreed to publish details of their inventions. Many inventions may not have come to be if not for the patent system and the monopolies it provides; consider for example the high cost of developing pharmaceuticals (which is not to say that compulsory licencing should not be considered).

A non-practicing entity makes no effort whatsoever to implement the invention actually patented, nor are the instances of infringment which occur at all likely to arise from inspiration arising from corresponding published patent documentation. Such an entity thus in no way serves the societal benefit which the patent system is intended to.

Non-practicing entities thus constitute a violation.